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Electronic Data Interchange plays a critical role in the automation and digitization of data flows for logistics service providers and shippers across the supply chain industry. Thanks to a new integration with Stedi, LSPs and shippers can now use the platform for streamlined EDI setup and management, unlocking new possibilities for supply chain efficiency. Learn more from VP of Product, Johnny Bilotta.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has long been the backbone of digitization for many in the supply chain industry, enabling secure and standardized communication between trading partners. As supply chain digitization gains momentum, the importance of efficient EDI integrations becomes paramount for businesses looking to streamline their operations and stay competitive.

At, we understand the critical role that EDI plays in the automating data flow for logistics service providers and shippers. That's why we are excited to announce our improved EDI capabilities through Stedi, a powerful platform that streamlines the EDI integration process.

Our integration with Stedi empowers logistics service providers and shippers to achieve smoother, more efficient, and transparent EDI integrations, unlocking new possibilities for supply chain efficiency and collaboration.

A Path to Smoother EDI Integration

Stedi is an implementation within the portal that allows our customers and users to quickly and simply process and execute EDI transactions. Although Stedi is integrated into our system, users must have a Stedi account to use along with the portal and add EDI translations to Flow Executions.

Smooth Mapping and Guide Completion:

There are two sides to the Stedi platform that we use. Guides and Mappings. Each are essential when working with Stedi within the portal. Review the documentation to understand how to use each.

Stedi simplifies the often complex task of mapping and guide completion for EDI integration. When using Stedi via, you’ll benefit from a user-friendly experience that streamlines this crucial step in the integration process.


Stedi’s EDI translation services are built around what they call guides. A guide represents an implementation of a single X12 / EDIFACT Transaction Set to match a customer’s specification of that transaction set.


Mappings in Stedi are used to convert a JSON format, such as a Standard Shipment document, to an “EDI Like” JSON document that the guide can use when converting to EDI. Or vice versa.

The goal is to use a JSON format that can easily be converted to or from canonical. Ideally it is a representation of the data as used by our systems, not a representation of an EDI format. That is what guides are for.

Read our documentation for a deeper understanding of Guides and Mappings.

Explore Stedi and

3. Seamlessly Navigate between and Stedi:

Navigating to the Stedi interface is now a breeze with Access Stedi directly through the portal to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

After you’ve completed your Stedi account setup, follow these setup instructions to complete the setup for Stedi and EDI mapping within Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you with any setup or troubleshooting needs as you complete this process.

The Benefits of and Stedi

With the integration of Stedi into the platform, EDI transactions can now be processed and executed directly within's flow executions. This eliminates the need for our customers to use external systems, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

In the past, EDI transactions involved professional services mapping the data, but with our new capabilities, the process becomes self-service and transparent. Customers can now easily make adjustments, move fields, and fix minor issues without the need for additional professional services projects.

This newfound control empowers customers to handle EDI configurations independently, expediting the integration process and providing a powerful feature that enhances their overall experience with

Benefits of the and Stedi integration include:

  • Smoother Overall EDI Integration: Say goodbye to complex file exchange and embrace a seamless system-to-system integration within the platform.
  • Streamlined Mapping: The integration process is now more efficient, eliminating unnecessary steps between connecting you and your trading partners.
  • Greater Transparency and Management: Enjoy a transparent and seamless EDI integration process, ensuring a smooth flow of information between your systems and your partners'.

EDI Integrations from

With's seamless integration with Stedi, you can say goodbye to cumbersome file exchanges and hello to a transparent, efficient, and seamless system-to-system integration process.

Explore how your team can take control of your EDI integrations, make adjustments with ease, and save time on connecting with your trading partners.

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Johnny Bilotta, VP of Product
By Johnny Bilotta
written on July 28, 2023

Johnny is the VP of Product at where he designs, plans, and leads the delivery of’s core software offerings.

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