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Speed up integrations and close deals faster. makes your tools compatible with any transportation software or platform being considered or used by shippers and logistics providers.

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Simplify the sales process.

Tired of hearing about the complicated process of adding your tech to potential customers’ existing systems? We were too. solves that quickly and easily.

Target new customers.

By making the customer onboarding process frictionless, you can grow your pool of potential customers dramatically.

Set yourself apart from competitors.

With, you can more easily transition your shipper and logistics customers away from competitors.

Onboard faster.

Immediately establish trust with new customers by making the setup process simple and secure. Remove the burden from your IT team and your customers’ internal personnel.

How works:

Under the hood. uses a sophisticated supply chain data transformation engine that understands each data set and transforms it into a trading partner’s requested format.

Data protection.

Shippers, logistics providers, and software vendors retain ownership of their data at all times, and keeps a shield around it.

A neutral partner.

We don’t play favorites with any vendors or partners. We work with everyone, so your tools can connect to anyone.

100% cloud based.

Because was born in the cloud, our system is safe, secure, and available 24/7/365.

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Focused on business processes.

Engage your strengths.

What are your company’s or product’s strengths? What sets your tools apart? With, you can focus on answering those questions while leaving the integration work to us.

Eliminate friction.

Supply chains are full of friction, and even the latest SaaS tools need help integrating and solving shippers’ and forwarders’ pain points.

Scale quickly.

Rapid, seamless integrations enable your company to grow quickly with booming opportunities in the freight market.

Establish trust immediately.

Shippers and logistics providers are becoming savvy shoppers. With, you demonstrate trust and customer focus.

Trusted by world-class supply chain companies.


“ is a known name in the industry with a stellar reputation. So when our potential customers know that will be doing the integration, it helps our sales process. Those customers have confidence that everything will go smoothly, and they move forward with us more easily..”

Rebecca Rizutti
Rebecca Rizutti
VP of Customer Success
Rate Management at Magaya

"’s serverless architecture coupled with their strong industry knowledge makes it very easy and efficient for us to onboard customers and integrate to various systems in the logistics industry."

David Luttrell
David Luttrell
Rate Management at Magaya
Janel Group

“Excellent development team, excellent customer support, super quick response times, and quick to find solutions. I couldn't ask for a better integration partner to work with.”

Erin O’Leary
Erin O’Leary
VP of Technology and Innovation
Janel Group
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