We’re Always Hiring!

At Chain.io, we believe in finding talented, motivated people and designing jobs that fit their unique talents and interests.

We’re always on the lookout for people with passion and enthusiasm in any of these areas (or even something we haven’t thought of yet). If any of this seems interesting to you, drop us a note at people@chain.io.

Supply Chain Integration & Orchestration

Our passion is helping our clients solve the big scary problems around integrating and orchestrating many partners and systems throughout their complex supply chain. If that sentence got you excited, we’re your new home.

Cloud Software Development

Buzzwords! We’ve got ’em… Microservices, AI, FaaS (Lambda), AWS, Serverless! More importantly, we have an incredibly supportive team and a commitment to delivering scalable, reliable code. If you love cultures celebrated by companies like Basecamp and Trello, then this is the home for you. If you run on 100% ego and caffeine, we might not be the right fit.

Developer Experience Management

Our developer community is the driver behind everything we do. Our goal is for the humans who interact with our APIs and code to want to use our system to solve their problems. To do this, we build easy to understand documentation and tutorials. We communicate directly and regularly with our developer community. At Chain.io, the developer experience (and developer experience team) is top priority throughout the product lifecycle.

Account Management

Business to business relationships should be measured over decades, not quarters. We are always searching for account managers who can develop and maintain long term, productive relationships with clients. Our best team members can relate to and empathize with executives and coders.

Project Management

Our software might be easy, but Supply Chain Management is hard! Even with the best tools, coordinating multiple teams spread across multiple companies is an art form that few have mastered. If you love helping to move distributed teams towards their goals with passion and empathy, then we should be talking.

email us at people@chain.io