Platform Overview

Connect and coordinate systems and people more easily than ever before

The Platform is an open access integration platform for all the players in the supply chain, from shippers, logistics service providers, to technology firms. We make connecting and coordinating systems and people easier than ever before. Our cloud-based platform uses an open application programming interface (API), developer friendly tools, an expertly developed data model, and event-driven behaviors.

The platform leverages next generation technologies like data graphs and Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the heavy lifting involved in most supply chain integration projects. You focus on adding business value, while we handle the low-level details.

Key advantages

• Decrease delivery time on new trading partner integrations with open, self-service APIs

• Improve client relationships by using real-time events to transmit information instantly

• Increase operational efficiency by allowing your team to use the best tools for the job

• Avoid costly transactional errors with AI-based error detection

• Decrease spend and increase negotiating power with AI-based forecasting


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