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Your Network Access License determines which partners and solutions are available. Each solution has an additional monthly cost. See below. Download our pricing guide for details.


Quickly empower your logistics operations with core functionality.

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$1,999 USD /mo
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  • ASN/Milestone Automation
  • CO2 Data Providers
  • Data Routing
  • Freight Operations
  • Visibility Data Providers
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Digitally transform your supply chain with holistic business process integrations.

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$7,999 USD /mo
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  • All "Connect" Solutions
  • Accounting Automation
  • Agent Operations
  • Carrier Operations
  • Customs Operations
  • Data Aggregation
  • Master Data Automation
  • PO Management Automation
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Pre-built and custom solutions for larger and more complex needs.

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  • All "Connect" Solutions
  • All "Transform" Solutions
  • Freight Insurance Automation
  • Rate and Quote Automation
  • Shipping and Receiving Automation
  • Trade Risk Data Providers
  • Custom Solutions
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Solution Pricing

Choose a monthly license level, then add relevant solutions.

All prices are monthly and in $USD.

Solutions Available with Connect License

ASN/Milestones Automation

Send ASNs & milestones to a customer.

CO2 Data Providers

Provide your customers with CO2 (and CO2 Equivalent Units) impact reporting from within your TMS.

Data Routing

Move data between systems through a variety of data connections, including routing data from CargoWise to multiple recipient systems.

Freight Operations

Send and receive bookings, ISF details, attachments, and invoices from shipper customers.

Visibility Data Providers

Gain visibility to container and vessel locations with improved accuracy through data feeds from third-party visibility data providers.


Solutions Available with Transform License

Agent Operations

Eliminate duplicate data entry and increase visibility by automating bookings, milestones, documents, and invoices with overseas agents.

Accounting Automation

Improve accounts receivable by including additional automated payment options, such as credit card, and get freight released quicker by streamlining your service provider payment process.

Carrier Operations

Improve efficiency by automating the shipment lifecycle with ocean carriers.

Customs Operations

Increase accuracy and decrease cost with automated commercial invoice processing.

Data Aggregation

Aggregate data from multiple sources into a single centralized database that can feed internal reporting, populate external dashboards, and provide visibility to key metrics.

Master Data Automation

Synchronize master data between your core logistics systems and key third-party applications.

PO Management Automation

Receive purchase orders and item master data from customers and suppliers and exchange associated shipments, milestones, ASNs, invoices, and documents between a forwarder and shipper.


Solutions Available with Enterprise License

Freight Insurance Automation

Improve the efficiency of quoting and securing freight insurance.

Rate and Quote Automation

Improve sales and margins by integrating your TMS with a leading rate management platform allowing instant quoting and lead conversion.

Shipping and Receiving Automation

Automate order, receiving and shipping data feeds between your TMS and warehouse management systems.

Trade Risk Data Providers

Automate sampling and discovery of compliance issues in customs data via artificial intelligence.

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