We’ve designed the Chain.io Cloud Execution Platform to quickly and reliably connect your systems with your trading partners with minimal effort and maximum reliability. By separating your connection to our platform from the connections of your trading partners, we allow your IT team to continue to work in the technologies they are used to while leveraging your trading partners’ capabilities on completely different technology stacks.

Whether through self service development using our open API, standard EDI integration, or cost effective custom development, you can maintain a single reliable connection to the platform while quickly onboarding new clients, partners, and solution providers across a range of services and tools.

Built in AWS, the world’s premier cloud environment, we’ve architected the Chain.io platform to be cloud native from the ground up.  Leveraging serverless technologies and continuous deployment methodologies and a microservices architecture, the Chain.io team delivers functionality in days that would take months or years in a legacy environment.  With the pace of change in the digital supply chain constantly increasing, the Chain.io Platform is the solution that will consistently stay ahead of the curve.

Key Advantages

  • Decrease delivery time on new trading partner integrations with open, self-service APIs
  • Improve client relationships by using real-time events to transmit information instantly
  • Increase operational efficiency by allowing your team to use the best tools for the job
  • Avoid costly transactional errors with AI-based error detection
  • Decrease spend and increase negotiating power with AI-based forecasting

Looking for Documentation?

We make our documentation available online.

Platform Technology

The Chain.io Platform leverages the power of Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading cloud provider.

Leveraging cutting edge technologies like Functions as a Service, NoSQL, and Data Streams allows the Platform to deliver lightning fast performance while also maintaining the highest levels of scalability, reliability and security.

Chain.io’s serverless infrastructure is critical to the value we provide. Systems that instantly scale to handle 5 or 5 million transactions allows Chain.io to provide a unique model geared to very large, as well as small companies in the supply chain industry.

Additionally, our microservices architecture allows our team of industry experts to quickly deliver new functionality while maintaining the reliability and consistency that global enterprises expect within our core feature set.

Chain.io is a neutral platform specifically for Logistics Service Providers and Shippers, but will benefit any company within the supply chain. If you are a Logistics Technology solution we invite you to join our platform.