Real-time monitoring – Dashboard visibility

The modern supply chain is a constantly evolving organism that needs regular monitoring and care. When trading partners upgrade systems without notice, start sending bad or malformed data, or experience unplanned outages, you need a strong monitoring and alerting environment to react to these interruptions.

Combining automation with common sense human support, the Monitoring & Anomaly Detection service keeps a close eye on your supply chain data flows and helps you address problems before they become operational issues.

Some issues, like a trading partner outage, are easy to understand and address. Others, like bad data within files may go undetected for months or even years and can result in supply chain disruption and penalties. From the moment you integrate with the Platform, we will work with your team to instrument and monitor your feeds to proactively identify problems and stop bad data in its tracks. Anomaly detection can help identify and remediate issues like abnormal weights and values, sudden increases or decreases in transmission frequency, unexpected transaction sizes, and many other indicators of potential problems. Then our team will engage you and your trading partners to determine if there is an issue and help facilitate the remediation.

Examples of proactive data monitoring:

  • Detects missing files.
  • Review of data feeds for bad or irregular data.
  • Detection of abnormal data like shipment weight, volume and values.
  • Transmission frequency.
  • Unexpected transmission sizes.