Connect to agents' TMS.

Everok uses the Chain.io network to connect to their agents’ TMS systems (including CargoWise, Descartes IES, and Neo6) in order to automate cumbersome workflows and provide operational efficiency benefits.

Automate workflows, add operational efficiency.

Everok is a freight forwarder based in China that operates an agent network with over 70 partners.

Prior to engaging with Chain.io, all interactions with the agent network were via phone, email, and PDF.

How Chain.io Helped

Chain.io collaborated with Everok to build one time connectivity to their custom TMS that modeled standard industry best practices.

Everok now leverages the Chain.io network to connect to their agents’ TMS systems like CargoWise, Descartes IES, and Neo6 without building point-to-point integration or custom EDI. These integrations have automated cumbersome workflows, providing operational efficiency benefits to both Everok and their agents.

Additionally, the data collected allows Everok to provide global visibility to their customers via a single pane of glass.


“We developed our TMS in-house and the system integration with overseas TMS became a pain point. Chain.io built a bridge for us to connect with overseas business partners and taught both systems to communicate. For future SCM connections, Chain.io won't let you down.”

~Billy Hu, CEO, Everok Group

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