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Connecting Systems, Clients, and Services in Logistics

At we solve a classic supply chain problem: “How do we make all these systems and people work together easier?”

We do this by interfacing smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Our focus is to solve real logistics integration problems with personalized service and by executing the solution on our cloud-based platform.

By connecting in-house systems, clients, and services, we enable best-in-class software, easier communication, and better data visibility throughout the supply chain.

The platform technology is built in a state-of-the-art cloud environment. The technology is designed to be server-less from the ground up allowing for on-demand scalability handling virtually unlimited transactions. With developer friendly tools and pre-designed data models, we avoid the traditional one-to-one expensive integrations.

Fully Managed Integration Services

Integration Design

Based on our deep industry knowledge the team collaborates with you and your trading partners to find the best technical solution that meets your business objectives and creates a full integration solution. Our team will manage the process from beginning to end.

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Cloud Execution

Each integration is developed to run in the cloud and take advantage of our existing supply chain Platform when possible. Very often we can take advantage of pre-built data elements and existing API’s on our Platform which makes for faster and more efficient development.

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Monitoring & Anomaly Detection

This is where we take integrations one step further. After an interface is developed and implemented it becomes part of our monitoring and anomaly detection dashboard. Our real-time monitoring service notifies you by email or text if a file looks out of the ordinary. Examples of anomalies could be a file not received, confirmations not received, too many files transmitted, and files with incorrect values.

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At we use technology and business process
to make supply chain integrations faster, more reliable,
and easier to manage.

Companies we work with

  • Logistics Service Providers
    As an LSP you most likely use several systems to run your business. We help connect your best in class software systems to gain better data visibility, as well as connecting you directly with your clients, the shippers.
  • Shippers
    We help shippers gain better visibility to the entire supply chain by connecting you to your logistics service providers, as well as your internal systems. Connect to you Logistic Service Providers.
  • Technology Partners
    We are a neutral service provider and help our LSP’s and Shippers connect easier to industry software solutions. To become part of our platform as a technology partner, please click here for more information.

We integrate your existing systems:

Inventory management, freight forwarding software, warehouse management systems, accounting, carrier rates and booking, tracking software, PO management and more.

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Connect and coordinate systems and people
easier than ever!