helps Logistics Service Providers and Shippers rapidly integrate new trading partners and internal systems. Our practical, hands-on approach combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to ensure that we deliver business value quickly and reliably.


Plug-and-Play Design

The plug-and-play design of the Cloud Execution Platform allows you to integrate each system one time and then connect it to unlimited trading partners. Instead of starting from scratch with each project, build upon your existing integrations to quickly assemble new business solutions that keep up with the pace of change. This is part of our “Hub and Spoke” model where each design is connected to the Cloud Platform.



Built-in Proactive Monitoring

Integrations don’t end when the project is completed. Every interface requires monitoring, change management, and ongoing support.’s monitoring & anomaly detection services keep a close eye on your vital data. Our team will identify problems before they become critical operations issues. Meanwhile, your internal IT staff is able to focus on adding the business value that makes your company unique.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work’s integration solution is perfect for companies looking to onboard trading partners more quickly, free up internal IT resources, or execute a cloud based strategy. With our proactive monitoring environment and implementation approach, we allow you to focus on your core business while we handle the details of integration. Unlike generic integration providers, our implementation team brings deep logistics industry knowledge.

What we offer:

  • Design and implementation of new integrations with external trading partners.
  • The daily care and maintenance of these integrations including trading partner communication and issue resolution.
  • Best practices based project management and design leadership.
  • We use a “Hub and Spoke” model to avoid expensive 1-to-1 integrations, creating faster and more flexible connections.

Why are we unique?

  • Our solution covers the full integration problem from inception through operations support.
  • We provide logistics industry-specific design services and offer a turnkey solution that includes full monitoring and error correction in production.
  • We use a modular approach, allowing us to offer our solutions within just one section, as well as all six modules of our integration model.
  • accepts virtually any type of connection, from standard API’s, to legacy formats, XML, EDI, and even flat file.