Our Mission:

Giving you better control over your freight.

We are supply chain experts. After running into the same issue repeatedly on hundreds of logistics implementations, we knew there had to be a better way. So we built it.

Our Story

Streamlining supply chains.

After working on visibility platforms directly with large global retailers and freight shippers, logistics providers, and software vendors for 15 years, we experienced first hand the friction, slowdowns, and wasted time, energy, and dollars that were poured into integrations.

We also saw how quickly new technologies and platforms were coming to market – and the dire need for those platforms to be able to connect to the systems we already already in place, even our 30-year-old legacy or home-grown systems.

So we went to work developing an integration platform so that shippers, logistics providers, software vendors, and ultimately your end consumers could be aligned in the successful movement of freight and all of the core business processes associated with it.

Our goal is to make your systems work together so you can focus on moving freight and serving customers.

Senior Leadership Team

Christa Hinkel

Christa Hinkel

Chief of Staff
Mark Platt Chain.io

Mark Platt

Liz Thorkelson

Liz Thorkelson

Finance and Accounting
Clark Wright Chain.io

Clark Wright

Rosemary Smith, VP Customer Success Chain.io

Rose Smith

Customer Success
Molly Evola

Molly Evola


We speak the same language.

From factory to ocean to truck to warehouse.

When cargo moves in a transportation management system by truck, it has a load number. When it crosses from truck to port, it then has an ocean booking number. At a warehouse, it might have another name and number. At Chain.io, we've worked across verticals and supply chains, so we’re versed in all nodes and modes, and our platform ensures the data is in the right field when you need it.

Different terms, same concept.

When there’s no confusion over the unique jargon, integrations can happen quickly and easily. Whether it’s your internal IT team or the triangle between shippers, forwarders, and software vendors. Chain.io enables shippers and forwarders to quickly adopt the latest tools and enables software vendors to easily onboard new customers.

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