Product Overview

An interconnected network powering a smarter supply chain.

Companies throughout the global supply chain use different technologies but must speak the same language to connect and do business. makes these connections quick, simple, secure, and resilient. Product Demo

A universal adapter.

Quickly snap together the business applications used by your customers, partners, or software vendors. Seamlessly integrate your TMS, ERP or any other platform in your ecosystem.

A reliable, immediate data pipeline.’s pre-mapped integration solutions allow you to access data from internal systems, as well as those of customers, suppliers, and partners. We can do it faster than internal IT and smarter than generic integration platforms.

Bridging decades of technology.

Supply chain management and transportation platforms run the gamut from1980s-era systems to modern cloud platforms. We get that— was built to bridge this gap with ease.

Built with supply chains in mind.

When you're managing complex supply chain processes like consolidations, cross-docks, direct shipments, or e-commerce fulfillment, the details matter. was built specifically for these core logistics processes. fixes broken supply chains.

Reduce friction.

73% of companies rely on spreadsheets for supply chain functions. integrates even basic CSV files to any platform, tool, TMS, or ERP.

Build visibility.

62% of companies have limited visibility into their supply chains. seamlessly connects into logistics’ providers platforms to provide vital visibility into shippers’ freight.

Hasten deployment of new tools.

It takes a whopping 2.8 years on average for companies to implement a new vendor. With, that process can be slashed to months, or even weeks.

Promote reliability.

Navigating macro disruptions has become a weekly norm in supply chain management. forges greater reliability by building a pipeline of data that allows organizations to make better business decisions with more agility.

Focused on core logistics functions.

Our team has identified the main functions core to freight logistics that will be the most critical integrations for the next five years. We deliver integrations to our customers to keep their businesses moving forward. We've done it over and over, and became experts so you don’t have to.

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Product features:

Rapid onboarding.

With, your time-to-value is accelerated. Migrations, vendor integrations, and customer onboards that usually take months can be handled by in just weeks.

Best practices for this decade, not the last. has deep supply chain roots, and we’ve built our business around the most important business processes that shippers, logistics providers, and software vendors will need to excel at in the coming decade.

Secure, cloud-based architecture.

With, your data is safe, secure, and never intermingled or analyzed. Our platform was born in the cloud, so our platform is available, reliable, and secure 24/7/365.

Give, receive, or both.

Are you a freight forwarder who needs to transmit updates about milestones or a shipping notice? A shipper who needs to receive those milestones from your cargo owner? A software vendor who’s sending and receiving data via an API to a customer’s TMS? opens the door.

Trusted by world-class supply chain companies.

Janel Group

“Excellent development team, excellent customer support, super quick response times, and quick to find solutions. I couldn't ask for a better integration partner to work with.”

Erin O’Leary
Erin O’Leary
VP of Technology and Innovation
Janel Group

“ is a known name in the industry with a stellar reputation. So when our potential customers know that will be doing the integration, it helps our sales process. Those customers have confidence that everything will go smoothly, and they move forward with us more easily..”

Rebecca Rizutti
Rebecca Rizutti
VP of Customer Success
Envase Technologies

“We've been working with to provide a gateway to various TMS solutions. By working with, we have been able to create a seamless link between systems, providing cost saving and efficiencies to all parties.”

Tom Burke
Tom Burke
Chief Innovation Officer
Envase Technologies
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