Product Overview

Use our plugins to efficiently manage your freight.

Supply chains are complex, but managing your data doesn't have to be. Our platform is powered by pre-built adapters that make connecting systems fast and secure.

Automated freight operations.

Go beyond basic integrations. With our pre-configured freight plugins, expedite the booking, moving, and delivery of freight.

Advanced insights.

Harness our connectors to meet your sustainability targets and unlock new avenues for analytics-driven innovation.

Focused on core logistics functions.

Our team has identified the main functions core to freight logistics that will be the most critical integrations for the next five years. We deliver integrations to our customers to keep their businesses moving forward. We've done it over and over, and became experts so you don’t have to.

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Product features:


Flows power the connections between your systems. You can exchange data from host systems and trading partners through API, EDI, SFTP, CSV files and more.


Collaborate more effectively using tasks. As you build connections, assign tasks to users, set due dates, and check off what's been completed.

Integration Library

Create your own templates to automatically create tasks, flows, and memos for connecting your systems. Reuse these as you integrate your entire ecosystem.


A workspace is where you manage your Integrations in the portal. Create workspaces to speed up testing cycles and enhance connectivity.

Trusted by world-class supply chain companies.

Janel Group

“Excellent development team, excellent customer support, super quick response times, and quick to find solutions. I couldn't ask for a better integration partner to work with.”

Erin O’Leary
Erin O’Leary
VP of Technology and Innovation
Janel Group
Ex Works, Inc.

"If had existed 10 years ago, and we knew about them, our company would be much further along than it is today."

Gregg Borgeson
Gregg Borgeson
CEO and Founder
Ex Works, Inc.
Envase Technologies

“We've been working with to provide a gateway to various TMS solutions. By working with, we have been able to create a seamless link between systems, providing cost saving and efficiencies to all parties.”

Tom Burke
Tom Burke
Chief Innovation Officer
Envase Technologies
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