Logistics Service Providers

Easier integrations lead to deeper integrations with customers.

Chain.io’s cloud-based platform solves one of the most challenging puzzles for logistics services providers: rapid integration with thousands of digital tools used by shippers, carriers, and software vendors.

Cargo containers lay in a shipyard.

Integrate seamlessly.

Chain.io’s agnostic adapters make connecting any two or more systems quick and painless, whether you or your customers are using the most cutting-edge TMS with modern APIs or older, legacy systems built on EDIs.

Scale quickly and resiliently.

Prepare your company for resilient growth at any pace, and seize opportunities to scale your business, whether you’re processing ten transactions a day or 10 million.

Focus on innovation and service instead of integrations.

Chain.io connects you with the latest visibility and tracking services, automated agent bookings, modern rate management tools, and online sales portals that power better onboarding and experiences for your customers.

Establish trust with customers.

Often, logistics service providers’ first touchpoint with customers is the integration. Fumbles and delays can erode trust and allow competitors to sneak in. With Chain.io integrations, your team can shine, without taking valuable internal IT resources away from mission-critical projects.

Brands that count on us:

  • Hellmann
  • Magaya
  • Den Hartogh
  • OIA Global
  • Descartes
  • Jaguar

How Chain.io works:

Remove the friction.

Point-to-point connections create friction within supply chains, making them inflexible and slow. Chain.io boosts efficiency by building an interconnected network with supply chain smarts built in.

Flexible, ongoing deployment.

Because the Chain.io network understands the supply chain business, you can quickly add and connect new systems to your ecosystem without the heavy lift of a complex IT project.

Engaging where you excel.

When you let us handle the complex work of integrations using scalable technology, it frees up your team to focus more on what sets your business apart in the market.

Under the hood.

Chain.io uses a sophisticated layer in the middle that understands each data set and transforms it into a trading partner’s requested format.

Processes + Tech = Success.

Processes + Tech = Success.

Solving critical real-world challenges.

Technology exists to solve real-world problems. That's why the Chain.io network was built with supply chain business processes in mind, including issuing quotes, sending purchase orders, receiving bookings, and more.

Creating value with context.

Data without context can’t add real value. The Chain.io canonical data model applies core supply chain and logistics concepts, and our network helps you access the right data, normalize it, and feed it downstream for operational execution, analytics, reporting, and machine learning.

You own your data, not us.

Chain.io never runs analytics on your data or uses it for any other purpose than facilitating your process executions. You retain clear ownership of your data at all times.

Move faster.

We give everyone access to the same files, logs, and collaborative workspace. This allows you to move faster by eliminating the back and forth of files shared via email, confusion on which test cases were run, and endless external coordination efforts.

Trusted by world-class supply chain companies.

Janel Group

“Excellent development team, excellent customer support, super quick response times, and quick to find solutions. I couldn't ask for a better integration partner to work with.”

Erin O’Leary
Erin O’Leary
VP of Technology and Innovation
Janel Group
Freight Right Global Logistics

"We are always looking for efficiency gains. Some of our biggest accomplishments have been enabled by Chain.io. From turn-key solutions to some of the most sophisticated integrations, we've been consistently able to rely on the team at Chain.io."

Robert Khachatryan
Robert Khachatryan
Freight Right Global Logistics
Envase Technologies

“We've been working with Chain.io to provide a gateway to various TMS solutions. By working with Chain.io, we have been able to create a seamless link between systems, providing cost saving and efficiencies to all parties.”

Tom Burke
Tom Burke
Chief Innovation Officer
Envase Technologies
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