Enhancing User Efficiency with a Color-Coded Navigation Bar

With our color-coded navigation bar, users can set custom colors for each workspace, saving time and reducing errors.

Sometimes the magic of a system isn’t just the big flashy features (like our recent announcement of Open Connect), but also the little things.

I'm delighted to share an exciting update that we released last week. Our team is committed to continually improving the Chain.io platform, and this update, while seemingly minor at first glance, promises to deliver significant efficiency gains for our users.

Many of our enterprise users operate in multiple Chain.io environments concurrently - for development, testing, and production. This has long been a strength of our platform, offering flexibility and robustness for complex, integrated supply chain management. However, we have heard from users that navigating between these environments can sometimes be confusing, especially when they’re open in multiple browser tabs. Sometimes this may even lead to unintentional updates in the wrong environment.

Our response to this challenge? A brand new feature allowing users to set the color of the navigation bar at the top of each page. While this might appear to be a mere cosmetic update, its impact on the daily operations of our most dedicated users will be immediate.

Chain.io changing color bar

This color-coding feature provides a clear visual cue, enabling you to instantly recognize which environment you're operating in at a glance. Imagine the time saved no longer needing to double-check or second-guess which environment you're in. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that the risk of accidental changes in the wrong environment is significantly reduced. This is what our new color-coded navigation bar delivers.

While developing this feature, we maintained our focus on customization and user-friendliness. You can choose a color that suits your preference or the unique branding of your organization. In essence, you're in control.

changing settings

At Chain.io, our commitment is not just about large-scale, game-changing features; we understand the value of subtler enhancements that can significantly improve your user experience. This comes from having a team that has spent years working in the supply chain and data integration fields. We believe it's this attention to detail that separates us from the crowd. This new feature is a testament to our dedication to efficiency, user control, and simplicity.

Looking forward, we remain excited to continue improving the Chain.io experience based on your feedback and needs. We're on a mission to make our platform the best it can be, and we're thrilled to have you along for the journey.

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Brian Glick, Founder and CEO
By Brian Glick
written on July 29, 2023

Brian Glick is the Founder and CEO of Chain.io and has worked in the logistics industry for over 20 years.

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