Freight Market News: The Top Publications & Sources for Forwarders to Follow

Here is a comprehensive guide to the top logistics publications for freight forwarders to navigate the dynamic freight market with precision and insight.

The global freight forwarding market is expected to grow from $199.09 billion in 2023 to $224.78 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 3.1%. Navigating the intricate landscape of this ever-growing freight market is now a more complex endeavor for forwarders. In an era where supply chain efficiency is paramount, industry players must stay attuned to market dynamics and updates.

freight market news

As trailblazers in seamless integrations, recognizes that access to the correct information is critical. In this article, we look at some of the industry's foremost publications and sources, empowering freight forwarders to not only survive but thrive in an ever-evolving freight ecosystem.

The Top 18 Publications for Freight Forwarders to Follow

As freight forwarders, your role is pivotal: bridging gaps and ensuring seamless logistics operations. To empower you with the latest updates and strategic foresight, we present a comprehensive list of the top 20 publications that should adorn the bookmark bars of every forward-thinking forwarder.

1. Maritime Executive

Maritime Executive isn't just a news source; it's a strategic partner for forwarders seeking profound insights into maritime operations. Their articles offer an authoritative view of the currents shaping global trade, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the tumultuous waters.

2. Marine Link

Shipbuilding, offshore energy, maritime technology – Marine Link covers it all. In an industry where innovation drives progress, this publication is your beacon to stay updated on cutting-edge advancements and emerging trends.

4. Journal of Commerce

The Journal of Commerce has stood as a stalwart in logistics reporting for decades. This publication delves deep into supply chain dynamics, making it a must-read companion for forwarders navigating the intricate web of international trade.

5. Splash 24/7

In the maritime and shipping sectors, Splash 24/7 isn't just a publication; it's a lifeline. Delivering timely news and perspectives empowers you to anticipate shifts in industry tides and make informed decisions.

6. Logistics Matter

Logistics Matter goes beyond the surface, delving into intricate logistics details. From supply chain sustainability to technological breakthroughs, this platform illuminates the path forward for forwarders seeking to make a meaningful impact.

7. Maritime Logistics Professional

Addressing myriad maritime topics, Maritime Logistics Professional provides insights into port operations, shipping regulations, and the latest industry developments. It's your compass for staying informed and adaptable.

8. Marine Log Magazine

As America's leading maritime magazine, Marine Log offers a window into the maritime world, covering everything from vessel design to operations and emerging trends. It's a source of inspiration for forwarders striving for excellence.

9. Pacific Maritime Magazine

Pacific Maritime Magazine focuses on West Coast maritime activities and offers you a unique vantage point on trade dynamics. For forwarders with interests in this region, it's an indispensable resource.

10. Maritime Magazine

With a global perspective on maritime affairs, Maritime Magazine broadens your horizons. It allows you to comprehend the interplay between international waters and the intricate flows of the supply chain.

11. Supply Chain Dive

Navigating the supply chain landscape can be complex. SupplyChainDive distills this complexity into accessible insights. For forwarders, their articles translate into actionable intelligence, helping you stay ahead.

12. FreightWaves

Renowned for its data-driven approach, FreightWaves provides you with real-time market analysis. In the fast-paced logistics landscape, this publication empowers you to make informed decisions based on precise insights.

13. G Captain

G Captain isn't just about news; it's about the people behind the shipping industry. Its blend of news and stories brings to light the human element that shapes maritime operations. Gain a deeper appreciation for the industry you navigate.

14. Food Logistics

For forwarders involved in food supply chains, Food Logistics is your compass. It delivers insights into temperature-controlled logistics, compliance, and safety – ensuring your cargo arrives fresh and intact, even across the most challenging routes.

15. Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics Viewpoints isn't just a publication; it's a strategic viewpoint. It offers a holistic perspective on supply chain strategies and technologies, allowing you to explore thought-provoking content to optimize your operations.

16. Shipping and Freight Resource

Global logistics is rife with terms that can seem like a labyrinth. Shipping and Freight Resource is your guide, demystifying shipping and trade terms. This resource is a treasure trove for forwarders seeking clarity on the intricacies of global logistics.

17. Forto Blog

Forto's blog spans a wide array of logistics topics, from trade compliance to digital transformation. As advocates of streamlined integrations, Forto's insights resonate with forwarders seeking to enhance their efficiency in an interconnected world.

18. Bulk Transporter

Catering to the bulk transportation sector, Bulk Transporter is an essential read for forwarders managing large quantities of goods. Stay updated on regulations, equipment, and operational insights.

Empowering Forwarders with Knowledge & Tools

In an industry where change is constant, these publications serve as your compass, guiding you through the ever-shifting currents of the freight market. Staying informed isn't just an option; it's a strategic imperative.

Our aim at is to encourage shippers and forwarders to step confidently into the future with seamless integrations, cost reduction, and supply chain transparency. Follow our blog for the latest updates in supply chain connectivity, or talk to a supply chain expert to learn how to leverage connected systems and avoid technical inefficiencies.

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Molly Evola, Marketing Manager
By Molly Evola
written on September 1, 2023

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