SEDNA + Empowering Freight Forwarders through ‘Smart Email’ Data Integrations

Use SEDNA and the integration network to eliminate errors and provide increased efficiency.

The integration of SEDNA into our network of partners will expand freight forwarders’ communication, document management, and business intelligence capabilities

Many freight forwarders know constant communication is key to providing excellent customer experience and achieving supply chain efficiency, often done through dozens of emails with multiple points of contact, filled with important details. Using traditional email, these important details can get missed and lead to major delays and disruptions.

Today, we are excited to announce a new integration with SEDNA, a smart email platform for complex communication. The integration of SEDNA into our network of partners will expand freight forwarders’ communication, document management, and business intelligence capabilities. Plus, our existing integration with Cargowise TMS will allow for seamless embedding of Cargowise data into the SEDNA collaboration tool.

Introducing SEDNA

SEDNA is a smart email platform that helps enterprises in the supply chain and beyond escape the noise and confusion of traditional email systems. Their smart inboxes offer automatic message intelligence, ETA and SLA tracking, and the ability to connect with many existing supply chain softwares that freight forwarding companies use daily, made even easier with the new SEDNA and integration.

As SEDNA expands in the supply chain industry, they aim to help freight forwarding companies ship more freight by optimizing their inbox and increasing efficiency. SEDNA’s smart inbox helps forwarders eliminate their email overload and cut down on the time it takes to perform simple administrative tasks, so they can spend more time booking and serving their clients.

The Power of Email Integrations

Using’s existing network of integrations, freight forwarders can seamlessly link their TMS with SEDNA’s smart email tools so they can connect with customers faster, spend less time manually inputting data, and make fewer mistakes along the way.

With the new and SEDNA integration, freight forwarders can:

  • Synchronize TMS records with shipment communications taking place in SEDNA
  • Automatically surface relevant TMS data on messages in SEDNA related to each shipment
  • Insert data into messages or open shipments in the TMS with one click

With the rapid growth of the freight forwarding industry, it's important to differentiate yourself by providing fast and reliable service to your customers to earn their trust. With SEDNA, you can get ahead of the competition and streamline your team’s productivity on inbound and outbound communications.

We’re excited to work with SEDNA to expand the use of their smart email integrations in the shipping industry. Want to learn more about using SEDNA? Book a meeting with us.

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Clark Wright, Director of Channels and Partnerships
By Clark Wright
written on June 30, 2022

Clark is the Director of Channels and Partnerships at where he is responsible for connecting with partners across the industry.

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