23.11.22 Feature Release Summary

Negative Result Monitor

The Negative Result Monitor, is a fresh addition in the Flow configuration’s Notifications panel. This valuable feature empowers users to set up monitors that keep an eye on Flow executions for negative outcomes during specific time frames. You can create and schedule as many monitors as needed, providing valuable insights into your Flow behaviors.

Why We Made The Change: This feature was designed to help users stay informed about Flows executing in a less-than-optimal manner. Unlike Failed or Skipped executions, a negative result indicates a different issue that could impact Flow performance. Missing such results could lead to business repercussions, emphasizing the need for timely awareness. We introduced this feature to keep our customers in the loop about executions that don't go as planned.

Integration Filtering

Now on your Workspace landing page, users can effortlessly filter Integration types using a search field. This enhancement streamlines the process of locating configured Integrations and their corresponding Flow settings.

Why We Made The Change: While having a list of your current Integrations is convenient, it can become unwieldy if you have numerous Integrations set up on Chain.io. This new feature simplifies finding the Integration or Flow you're looking for. The real-time indexing of your queries provides instant results as you type the Integration name, ensuring a smoother and more efficient navigation experience.

Custom File Name

Users now have the flexibility of adding a custom file name to files generated through Flow executions. This feature allows users to choose from a predefined list of variables, such as date/time, prefix, and file extension. They also have the ability to add their own custom string as a title with some caveats.

Why We Made The Change: User feedback prompted this enhancement, aiming to boost productivity and reduce confusion when outputting files from Flow executions. Granting users more control over files from the Chain.io portal allows them to align with their best practices and business processes, facilitating smoother task completion.

Quality of Life Improvements

This release does not contain any major features, updates or improvements. However, we have implemented several quality of life improvements across the app to help your experience.

  • fix issue where save button was not active when headers were removed
  • Fixed placeholder in “Search by integration name” field
  • Fixed bug where Integrations were listed by case sensitive parameters on Workspace landing page

Read the full release or login to see the changes in the Chain.io portal.

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Johnny Bilotta, VP of Product
By Johnny Bilotta
written on November 23, 2023

Johnny is the VP of Product at Chain.io where he designs, plans, and leads the delivery of Chain.io’s core software offerings.

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