24.05.22 Feature Release Summary

Contacts In Integration Library

We are excited to announce a new feature in our Integration Library: Contacts. This update lets you easily add and manage contact information for everyone involved in your integration projects, including trading partners, team members, and technical support contacts.

Contacts in integration library

With this feature, keeping track of key people no longer means scrambling through emails or spreadsheets to find the right contact! Now, you can store essential information like names, job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, and notes—all in one place.

Why we made the change: Having quick access to contact information can be the difference between a smooth workflow and a major delay. With Contacts, you’ll always have the info you need right at your fingertips, ensuring your integrations run seamlessly.

Providing this feature allows our customers to have the information they need without having to hunt it down in another application or spreadsheet. You can read more about how to use this feature in our product documentation here.

Preview: Flow Usage Charts (Beta)

For those using the Preview setting in their Workspaces, we’re excited to introduce Flow Usage Charts! These charts are now available on your Workspace Landing page, right above your Integration and Task lists.

Flow Usage Charts show the number of successful, skipped, or failed flow executions across all your integrations. With just a glance, you can see how well your workflows are performing. Want more details? Click the “More Metrics” button to dive into daily stats and filter by time period, integration, flow, or status.

Flow usage charts

Why we made the change: Staying on top of your logistics and business processes is crucial. Our Flow Usage Charts provide you with clear, actionable insights, helping you keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. By visualizing this data, you can quickly identify and address any issues, ensuring your business stays on track.

You can find more about Flow Usage Charts in our product documentation here.

Quality of Life Improvements

We have implemented several quality of life improvements across the app to help your experience.

  • Fixed bug when using updating Autoshare feature in Flow Configurations
  • Cargowise XUT Update to allow WarehouseReceive shipment types to be processed
  • Fixed various errors and issues with notifications in main navigation
  • EDI Errors now display more actionable information in the Flow Execution Summary and logs

Read more about this release or login to see the changes in the Chain.io portal.

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Johnny Bilotta, VP of Product
By Johnny Bilotta
written on May 23, 2024

Johnny is the VP of Product at Chain.io where he designs, plans, and leads the delivery of Chain.io’s core software offerings.

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