Digitizing the Freight-Forwarding Process

The ability to see and make use of the data has never been greater. The freight-forwarders who combine those tools with the best of their own strategic thinking will lead the way.

Just about everything in logistics can now be digitized. The industry has access to an astonishing number of technology platforms that can perform almost any conceivable function – from securing rate quotes and locating carrier capacity to freight visibility and dock access.

Freight-forwarders looking to bring their own unique value proposition to the industry are both blessed and cursed by the plethora of digital tools. The blessing is that digitizing functions is easy. The curse is that it’s just as easy for everyone else in the industry. And merely digitizing is no longer a value-add for an industry that’s struggling to overcome difficult challenges.

Read more about digitizing your freight operations from Chain.io VP of Customer Success, Christa Hinkel.

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written on October 31, 2022
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