Do humans or bots make the best business decisions?

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“Trust your gut,” the stalwart advice of many a successful leader feted for their intuition. But a new generation of bots is proving far better at using data to make crucial choices – which has implications for procurement leaders.

Do humans or bots make the best supply chain decisions? Image of shipyard and shipping containers.

There’s no doubt that managing a supply network requires skill and experience. While it takes time to earn such traits, the mark of a true leader is often considered to be intuition; an innate sense for business which can’t be learned. But as the Harvard Business Review says, “anyone who thinks that intuition is a substitute for reason is indulging in a risky delusion”.

There’ll always be a need for business acumen, and some people’s strengths will naturally sit in strategy, but in the midst of a global hunger for technology and the incredible quantities of data it produces, not taking full advantage of this information seems stubborn at best.

For procurement and supply, the web of interactions is compounded by squeezed margins, increasing volatility and the need to mitigate ever-emerging risks – and that’s before any mention of social issues. In a time of increasing complexity and a persistent pandemic, why would any leader choose blind instinct over information when making decisions? For many, the reality is that we simply don’t understand how to use data.

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written on February 19, 2022
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