Forwarders are Selling Information

Dear freight forwarders, you’re not in the shipping business. You’re in the information business.

By Simon Kaye, founder and CEO of Jaguar Freight

If you can’t deliver the freight, deliver information. For the past 29 years, that’s been a mantra we’ve tried to abide by at Jaguar Freight.

That’s because I realized immediately after we were up and running that freight forwarders aren’t in the shipping and transportation business. They’re in the information business. What we do is all about communication and delivering information.

Of course, we price our services and ultimately are hired by customers to manage the movement and repositioning of cargo. But make no mistake: We’re customer service providers, and our core function is to effectively communicate, to make customers feel like they’re in good hands, and to be able to answer questions or concerns with the right information at the right time.

Those elements are hard to tangibly measure, though. You can’t feel or touch good customer service like you can touch goods, nor can you really point to a completed job in the same way you can prove that freight moved from where it was to where it is now.

But in an industry where every competitor is trying to establish themselves as the one with the best service and the one a shipper should choose to give their business, it’s incumbent upon forwarders to have some way to prove their service is best in class.

In today’s world, that ask is simple: Show me your tech.

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written on July 29, 2022
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