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Bryan Eichenberg of FreightSnap joins Brian Glick of to discuss AR updates to the FreightSnap app, advice for developers trying to introduce process changes, and more.

Welcome to Episode 3 of Profiles, a podcast centered around supply chain conversations hosted by Brian Glick, founder and CEO of

Our guest this week is Bryan Eichenberg of FreightSnap. FreightSnap is a really interesting company that has developed a modern cost effective device for measuring freight, all the way from individual cartons to full sized pallets and irregular shaped products. These devices and apps are all cloud connected and they make freight operations way more efficient with a really fast ROI. As part of the network, we can connect FreightSnap's devices directly to your TMS or ERP for a seamless dimensioning experience. One of the things that we found really interesting in this conversation is how Bryan and his family found themselves in the logistics business. So many of us come up directly through operations and it's great to have a fresh outside perspective on the industry.

“It is always a tough thing to introduce any change to anyone’s process, but we try to make that as smooth as possible.”
Listen in as Brian and Bryan discuss:
  • How a dimensioner works and what it was like introducing it to an unfamiliar industry
  • Advice for developers trying to introduce process changes
  • Augmented reality and direct integration updates to the FreightSnap App
  • The craziest package Bryan’s ever dimensioned

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written on December 4, 2018
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