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John O'Halloran, President of the Fine Arts and Security Group at Masterpiece International Ltd, joins Brian Glick, CEO at, to discuss how John got into the logistics business, what's unique about fine art logistics, and some of today's supply chain challenges.

Welcome to Episode 4 of Profiles, a podcast centered around supply chain conversations hosted by Brian Glick, founder and CEO of

Our guest this week is John O’Halloran, President of the Fine Arts and Security Group at Masterpiece International Ltd. John brings an interesting twist to the supply chain industry through his experiences moving multimillion dollar, and sometimes priceless fine art.

“It’s a very niche business that we do; not a lot of people know about it. People go to museums and galleries and they see artwork on the wall and they don’t think about how it got there…”

Listen in as Brian and John discuss:
  • How John got into the logistics business specifically working with fine art supply chains
  • What is unique about fine art logistics
  • The difficulties in finding the right kind of staff for this supply chain niche
  • Advice for people coming into this industry that John wishes he had known when he started
  • Some of today’s supply chain challenges
  • Challenges with carriers or working with airlines to keep things moving
  • How much of what John does overlaps with a traditional freight forwarder, and how much is isolated and unique
  • What’s next for Masterpiece International Ltd.
  • The next wave of challenges for which the supply chain industry needs to prepare

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written on January 15, 2019
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