Publishes Emissions Reporting Insights for Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals’s research reveals the lack of systemic emissions reporting strategies in logistics and supply chains.

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PHILADELPHIA, February 27, 2024 –, a cloud-based integration platform that connects systems for better control of supply chain data, today published a comprehensive report detailing the current landscape of carbon emissions reporting. Their research reveals a critical gap: many organizations lack a systemic strategy for emissions reporting despite looming regulatory deadlines. conducted in-depth surveys and interviews with shippers, logistics service providers, and supply chain teams to understand the challenges they face in gathering and accurately reporting carbon emissions data to comply with new industry regulations. In their report, offers best practices for carbon reporting compliance and data management, emphasizing the crucial role of technology and data integration in simplifying the emissions reporting compliance journey.

"The primary challenge we observed is moving beyond regulatory requirements to how organizations approach emissions reporting at a fundamental level," shared Brian Glick,’s CEO.  “Many are still trying to navigate this complex landscape without a clear strategy. Our research aims to provide the insights and tools needed to address this gap.”’s research uncovered three distinct approaches to carbon emissions reporting. The “pull method” involves a dedicated ESG function extracting data from various departments, often facing challenges due to understaffing and limited authority. The "push method" sees logistics teams directly responsible for calculating and reporting emissions data, though often with low confidence in the accuracy of these numbers due to organizational silos. Lastly, the "chaos method" describes companies with no clear strategy for emissions reporting, leading to duplicated efforts and a lack of coordination.

As pressures mount to become compliant with emissions reporting, this research serves as a crucial resource for the logistics and supply chain sectors, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of CO2 compliance.

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Molly Evola, Marketing Manager
By Molly Evola
written on February 28, 2024

Molly is a Marketing Manager at

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