Ex Works Joins the Chain.io Platform, Delivering Comprehensive Trucking Connectivity for Freight Forwarders

Ex Works' selection of Chain.io as an integration partner extends forwarders’ platforms to full trucking connectivity

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chain.io, a cloud-based integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain, today announced an integration partnership with Ex Works, the leading platform helping air and sea forwarders extend their operating systems to connect with each of their trucking vendors in the US.

With the integration, Chain.io now empowers forwarders to automatically integrate every element of every trucking move from a shipment job in a connected TMS – with Ex Works managing the further connectivity to over 1,100 cartage, drayage, LTL and parcel service providers. The process is end-to-end, encompassing rate comparison, booking, pickup and POD events – and audited invoice.

“The first and last mile are often overlooked in the delivery process, yet they are the point where forwarders most closely interact with their customers,” said Brian Glick, Founder and CEO of Chain.io. "Securing rates, visibility and controlled payables give forwarders a competitive edge in a marketplace that remains unstable."

Utilizing Chain.io’s rich integration network, forwarders can leverage and extend Ex Work’s automated connections to every one of their own established trucking vendors. Throughout the life cycle of the trucking job, Chain.io loads delivery milestones and invoices from Ex works into the user TMS for complete visibility into freight movement and trucking charges.

“Ex Works provides international forwarders who are frustrated with the chaos of managing trucking an integrated extension of their forwarding system,” said Gregg Borgeson, CEO, Ex Works. “Coupling our integrated capabilities with Chain.io’s partner network brings better forwarding operations and practices to air and sea forwarders.”

About Chain.io (www.chain.io)

Chain.io is a cloud-based integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain. Chain.io helps anyone involved in buying or moving products around the world work with supply chain vendors, customers, and software platforms more efficiently. With logistics expertise built into the heart of its software, Chain.io plugs into any ecosystem seamlessly and makes sure the right data is going to the right people at the right time. Customers leverage Chain.io’s network to optimize critical business processes. Chain.io shines when solving complex supply chain challenges and problems that require integrating multiple types of technologies.

The Chain.io network includes shippers, logistics service providers, and the software packages that support them. For more information, please visit www.chain.io.

About Ex Works (www.exworks.com)

Ex Works provides international forwarders with an integrated extension of their forwarding system, enabling their people to see and compare each rate and service option and execute orders in under a minute. Unlike truck brokers or associations that offer only those truckers who pay them commission, Ex Works establishes an automated connection to every one of the forwarder’s own established trucking vendors – as well as displaying rates from brokers or truckers offering public tariffs. With Ex Works, a single process covers cartage, drayage, linehaul, parcel and LTL.

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Tyler Thornton



written on December 15, 2022
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