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Chain.io vs Lobster

Chain.io seamlessly connects supply chain companies across the global supply chain so that business leaders can focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, instead of the distractions of complex enterprise integrations. Learn why logistics pros choose Chain.io over integration platforms like Lobster

Our platform was developed and built specifically for the global supply chain

Secure, cloud-based architecture.

With Chain.io, your data is safe, secure, and never intermingled or analyzed. Our platform was born in the cloud, so our platform is available, reliable, and secure 24/7/365.

Best practices for this decade, not the last.

Chain.io has deep supply chain roots, and we’ve built our business around the most important business processes that shippers, logistics providers, and software vendors will need to excel at in the coming decade, and we're working to establish integration standards to transform the industry.

Rapid onboarding.

With Chain.io, your time-to-value is accelerated. Migrations, vendor integrations, and customer onboards that usually take months can be handled by Chain.io in just weeks.

Let your data flow freely.

Are you a freight forwarder who needs to transmit updates about milestones or a shipping notice? A shipper who needs to receive those milestones from your cargo owner? A software vendor who’s sending and receiving data via an API to a customer’s TMS? Chain.io opens the door.

Chain.io vs Lobster

A side by side comparison:

Chain.io’s technology platform leverages industry best practices that solve real-world business problems for logistics service providers, shippers, and logistics software companies.

Overall, Chain.io is a a better choice for connecting your global supply chain ecosystem of forwarders, shippers, and software providers.

Chain.io has a stronger focus on supply chain, it is easier to integrate with, it is more flexible and scalable, it has a more powerful workflow automation engine, it can facilitate real-time data exchange, it has stronger security and compliance features, it has a more powerful monitoring and analytics engine, and it has a larger and more active community and ecosystem.

Chain.io Offers:

  • A wider range of pre-built connectors for common supply chain applications, making it easier to integrate with existing systems.
  • Real-time data exchange, which is essential for many supply chain applications.
  • Stronger security measures, which is important for protecting sensitive supply chain data.
  • A user community and developer ecosystem, which provides more resources for learning about and using the platform.

Overall, Chain.io is a more comprehensive and powerful platform for supply chain integrations than Lobster.

Chain.io has a deep understanding of the supply chain industry, offers a wide range of pre-built connectors and integrations, and is easy to use.

Chain.io's microservice architecture makes it easy to quickly onboard your internally developed systems using our Standard JSON APIs, XML files, or even old-fashioned EDI. No matter what technology level you're working with, Chain.io can adapt to your unique needs.

Leveraging our canonical data model and supply chain best-practice based process library, even non-technical leaders are active product users to configure flows and connect with customers.

Our data model also empowers responsible integrations. Our adapters were created using industry best practices that we're working to standardize. So when one network, system, or adapater is updated, our network is updated - there's no need to spend extra time maintaining the tedious connections of one-to-one integrations.

Within the Chain.io platform, logistics professionals stay in charge of their data. You'll be able to choose where, when, and how you want your data to flow between customers, partners, and software providers.

One Platform to Manage Every Supply Chain Integration

With the Chain.io platform, logistics service providers, shippers, and software companies can quickly snap together the business applications used by customers, partners, or software vendors and seamlessly integrate data between a TMS, ERP or any other platform in your ecosystem.

When you're managing complex supply chain processes like consolidations, cross-docks, direct shipments, or e-commerce fulfillment, the details matter. Chain.io was built specifically for these core logistics processes.

Plus, our team has decades of real-world experience in supply chain and logistics. Our integration technology was built specifically to address the needs of shippers, logistics service providers, and freight-focused software platforms.

Chain.io is the top choice for logistics tech providers, freight forwarders and shippers.

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Chain.io is trusted by world-class supply chain leaders.

Envase Technologies

“We've been working with Chain.io to provide a gateway to various TMS solutions. By working with Chain.io, we have been able to create a seamless link between systems, providing cost saving and efficiencies to all parties.”

Tom Burke
Tom Burke
Chief Innovation Officer
Envase Technologies
Rate Management at Magaya

"Chain.io’s serverless architecture coupled with their strong industry knowledge makes it very easy and efficient for us to onboard customers and integrate to various systems in the logistics industry."

David Luttrell
David Luttrell
Rate Management at Magaya
Freight Right Global Logistics

"We are always looking for efficiency gains. Some of our biggest accomplishments have been enabled by Chain.io. From turn-key solutions to some of the most sophisticated integrations, we've been consistently able to rely on the team at Chain.io."

Robert Khachatryan
Robert Khachatryan
Freight Right Global Logistics
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