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Deploy integrations faster.

By translating complex and unique data into standard formats, helped Ligentia deploy integrations to their customers faster and with less bugs.

Joe Harrison, Head of Business Technology at Ligentia Global, shares how helps their team deploy implementations faster to their customers.

Supporting Data Driven Supply Chains

Ligentia is a data and technology focused Freight Forwarding Firm driving supply chain innovation and efficiencies through smart teams and technology. Ligentix, a propriatary software, provides their customers with complete visibility 24/7 and relays complex data in simple and easy to understand formats.

The problem:

When ingesting data from a varity of customers, there were major disparaties in quality and file type, requiring custom development for nearly every customer and every job.

How Helped

Ligentia Global connected with to standardize the data they recieved from customers, enabling Ligentia to deploy projects to their customers faster than ever before and with fewer bugs.


" works as proxy to our customers, so if there are any nuances in the format of data we recieve, we're confident can handle any problems for us." - Joe Harrison, Head of Business Technology, Ligentia Global

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