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Speed up customer integrations.

Jaguar Freight Services is an international transportation and logistics company that uses to speed up customer integrations and seamlessly connect with other tech that provides value to its customers.

Find out how Jaguar freed up critical IT resources by leveraging's integration platform.
Find out how Jaguar freed up critical IT resources by leveraging's integration platform.

Scale and grow technology with an expert integration partner.

Jaguar Freight Services has a talented in-house development team that excels in building technology. However, Jaguar Services President and CEO Simon Kaye recognized that having them do customer integrations was taking too long and pulling focus away from important development projects.

The problem:

Otherwise happy customers were frustrated both because integrations were delayed and because they were waiting on functionality that was put on hold while the tech team managed complex integration projects.

How Helped

CyberTrax is Jaguar’s bespoke operating system and supply chain visibility and management platform. integrates CyberTrax with client ERPs and other technology related to tracking, visibility, customs, and other supply chain and logistics platforms. The result is that Jaguar Freight Services is able to provide customers with one single platform to manage freight.


“ has allowed us to scale and grow our technology, services, visibility and functionality, both internally and externally at a quicker rate.”

Simon Kaye, Founder and CEO, Jaguar Freight Services

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Jaguar Freight Services
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Jaguar Freight Services


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