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OIA Global is a logistics company that uses Chain.io to get Cargowise and other customer data into a visibility platform. The first project worked so well, OIA has used Chain for many other projects since.

Learn how OIA evaluated and grew their integration environment with Chain.io.
Learn how OIA evaluated and grew their integration environment with Chain.io.

Providing Visibility to Customers

OIA Global is a supply chain management company that blends global logistics and packaging optimization services. The company wanted to provide a top-tier visibility experience so customers always knew exactly where their shipments were and when they would arrive.

Centralize Data from Multiple Sources

The team found it incredibly difficult to take data from multiple sources (that changes over the course of a shipment) and get it all into one centralized platform that was easy to consume for customers. Moreover, technology partners made constant updates that were hard to track and accommodate.

How Chain.io Helped

Chain.io helped OIA Global get all their data into one centralized visibility platform. The project went so well that OIA Global started working with Chain.io to populate its entire data platform and data analytics solution, as well as to integrate internal financial systems.


“Chain.io is about simplifying the solutions for us. They take care of the most complex part, which is mapping all those different scenarios of the data coming out of our system. And then we can just use that information, whether it's financial data into our ERP, or whether it's into our visibility platform or into our data platform for our data analytics. Chain.io has been like the ‘Easy’ button for us."

~Erik Sargent, Director of Digital Product, Development, OIA Global

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