Introducing Open Connect: A Guide to’s New Feature and Developer Resources

Leverage's Open Connect feature and developer resources to unlock the full potential of your supply chain integrations.

Leverage's Open Connect feature and developer resources to unlock the full potential of your supply chain integrations.

Supply chain integration is the lifeblood of businesses operating in today's fast-paced global market. Seamless collaboration, data exchange, and visibility among supply chain partners are paramount to success. A Zippia survey in 2022 reflected this sentiment, with 57% of respondents stating supply chain management gives them a competitive edge. Integration is a significant part of supply chain management, helping businesses cut costs and increase profits.

Enter, a leading supply chain integration platform. We empower businesses by bridging the gap between disparate systems, automating data exchange, and enabling efficient collaboration across the supply chain. Explore the transformative potential of's new Open Connect feature and delve into the abundant support and developer resources available.

Introducing Open Connect

At, we understand that seamless integration is crucial for businesses to thrive in the global supply chain ecosystem. That's why we've developed Open Connect Adapters—a powerful connection that simplifies and streamlines the integration of external systems with the network.

Open Connect Adapters serve as a bridge between various software systems and the platform. They provide a standardized framework for connecting and exchanging data, and collaborating with partners across the supply chain. With an Open Connect Adapter, logistics software companies can effortlessly integrate their data with customer’s existing systems, regardless of technological disparities or geographical distances.

Here are a few benefits of building an Open Connect Adapter:

  1. Flexibility to Customize Integration Processes: One of the key advantages of Open Connect Adapters is that they put the power in the hands of software providers. They can manage their own connections and integrations, reducing the dependency on external support. By leveraging the intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation provided by, software providers have the flexibility to customize and optimize their integration processes.
  2. Ability to Adapt to Market Demands: Open Connect Adapters enable software providers to build and maintain their own adapters, leveraging's platform capabilities. This empowers them to quickly adapt to evolving market demands and tailor their integrations to meet their customers' specific needs. With Open Connect, software providers can enhance their offerings, deliver a seamless user experience, and stay ahead of the competition.
  3. Secure Data Exchange: Furthermore, Open Connect allows for secure and efficient data exchange between systems. Open Connect Adapters support various protocols and communication standards, ensuring compatibility and interoperability. They also enable businesses to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and optimize their supply chain operations by facilitating real-time data exchange and collaboration.

With Open Connect Adapters, the possibilities for integration are vast. From connecting ERP systems to e-commerce platforms, CRM systems to warehouse management systems, and everything in between, businesses can leverage the power of Open Connect to unlock the full potential of their supply chains. By building anOpen Connect Adapter, businesses can seamlessly connect, exchange data, and collaborate with partners across the supply chain, ultimately unlocking new levels of efficiency and success.

Connect to Customers Faster with Open Connect

The Developer Portal: Your Hub for Resources

At, we believe in empowering developers with the tools and resources to build robust and efficient integrations. That's why we’ve launched the Open Connect Developer Portal — an invaluable hub for software teams looking to leverage the full potential of's Open Connect capabilities.

The Developer Portal provides a comprehensive range of resources designed to accelerate the development of Open Connect Adapters. From code samples and software development kits (SDKs), to integration examples and in-depth documentation, the Open Connect Portal equips developers with everything they need to build robust and seamless integrations quickly and efficiently.

One of the Developer Portal highlights is the quick start guide. This guide serves as a step-by-step walkthrough of building your first Open Connect Adapter to the network, including business requirements and code samples. By leveraging the quick start guide, developers can jump-start their integration projects, saving time and effort.

The Developer Portal includes comprehensive documentation covering core concepts, best practices, and guidelines for building adapters. Developers can delve into these resources to better understand the platform's capabilities, architecture, and customization options.

Explore Developer Resources

Additional Resources in the Open Connect Developer Portal

Check out the “Why Build a Adapter" guide to get insights into the advantages of leveraging's integration platform. It outlines the value proposition of building custom adapters and their transformative impact on supply chain operations.

For those looking to explore the structure of's platform, the "Core Concepts" documentation offers a comprehensive overview. It delves into the underlying principles and functionalities, providing developers with a solid foundation to build upon.

To discover more about's offerings, access the Developer Portal here. It's the go-to resource for developers looking to leverage the power of's Open Connect feature and build seamless integrations that unlock the full potential of their supply chains.

The Developer Portal serves as a central hub of resources for developers, offering code samples, SDKs, integration examples, and comprehensive documentation. By leveraging these resources, developers can accelerate their API development process, ensure compatibility, and build robust integrations that drive efficiency and success.

Dedicated Support Resources

To assist developers in overcoming technical queries and integration challenges during their projects, provides dedicated support resources. Our team is committed to offering timely and knowledgeable assistance to all of our product users.

To get speedy assistance, users can easily access our support documentation and online ticketing system. Our support documentation can provide guidance, tips to troubleshoot issues, and offer practical solutions to ensure a seamless product experience.

Developers can expect prompt responses and personalized attention when they reach out to our support team. Our dedicated support professionals work closely with product users to understand their specific challenges and provide tailored solutions. Whether addressing technical questions, offering best practices, or troubleshooting integration issues, our support team is here to help our users overcome any hurdles.

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The Need for Seamless Integration & Connectivity

In today's interconnected business landscape, seamless integration and connectivity are crucial. Alongside promoting collaboration among supply chain partners, establishing robust integration between business units empowers software partner development teams to drive innovation.

Open Connect from facilitates this process, enabling supply chain software companies to build their own API connections to the integration network for better connectivity with customers, partners, and other industry-leading software platforms.

Here are a few ways supply chain integration and connectivity can help businesses grow:

  • Seamless Integration: For software partner development teams, seamless integration is critical for creating robust and efficient solutions. By leveraging's integration platform, these teams can focus on developing their core offerings without worrying about the complexities of system connectivity.'s Open Connect simplifies the integration process, providing a user-friendly interface that enables software partners to connect their systems effortlessly.
  • Easy tech usage for non-tech professionals: Supply chain professionals who might not have a technical background can still benefit immensely from integration platforms like By offering intuitive tools and streamlined workflows to non-technical individuals, allows them to automate data exchange, enhance supply chain visibility, and optimize business outcomes — all with a few clicks. This accessibility enables supply chain professionals to focus on their core expertise while leveraging the power of seamless connectivity.
  • Reduction of operational costs: The benefits of seamless integration and connectivity extend far beyond technical efficiencies. Businesses can enhance efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve customer satisfaction by seamlessly connecting disparate systems. Real-time data exchange enables accurate and timely decision-making, optimizing inventory management, demand forecasting, and supply chain planning. The ability to collaborate seamlessly with partners across the global supply chain drives operational excellence and fosters stronger relationships, leading to increased revenue and market competitiveness.
  • Ability to adapt to evolving markets quickly: Seamless connectivity enables businesses to adapt rapidly to market dynamics and changing customer demands. With a robust integration platform like, companies can scale their operations, onboard new partners, and easily expand into new markets. The flexibility and agility of seamless integration empower businesses to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving supply chain landscape.

The need for seamless integration and connectivity cannot be overstated. With's integration platform, software partner development teams can focus on innovation while non-technical supply chain professionals can leverage the power of integration tools. Businesses enhance efficiency, improve business outcomes, and quickly adapt to market dynamics by seamlessly connecting systems.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Supply Chain Integration with Open Connect from is a leading global supply chain integration platform, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their supply chains. With Open Connect and a plethora of developer resources available through the Developer Portal, software companies can seamlessly integrate disparate systems, automate data exchange, and elevate collaboration across their supply chain ecosystem.

As a logistics software provider, you have the opportunity to harness the power of's Open Connect feature to revolutionize the way you connect with your customers and partners. Learn more about building an Open Connect Adapter or joining the network today!

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Johnny Bilotta, VP of Product
By Johnny Bilotta
written on June 29, 2023

Johnny is the VP of Product at where he designs, plans, and leads the delivery of’s core software offerings.

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