CargoWise APIs help you have accessible data and better visibility.

CargoWise API is natively integrated to the industry's leading technology platforms, including CargoWise. With our pre-built adaptors, you can assemble integrations from the latest SaaS platforms or your customer's legacy systems directly into your CargoWise instance.

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Bridging decades of tech.

Supply chain management and transportation management systems run the gamut from1980s-era systems to modern cloud platforms. was built to integrate your Cargowise instance to any platform, regardless of the era it was built in, with ease.

Scale quickly and resiliently.

Prepare your company for resilient growth at any pace, and seize opportunities to scale your business, whether you’re processing ten transactions a day or 10 million.

Integrate seamlessly.’s agnostic adapters make connecting any two or more systems quick and painless, whether you or your customers are using the most cutting-edge TMS with modern APIs or older, legacy systems built on EDIs.

Focus on innovation and service. integrates your Cargowise instance with the latest visibility and tracking services, automated agent bookings, modern rate management tools, and online sales portals that power better onboarding and experiences for your customers.

CargoWise API

In today's socio-economic climate, the importance of the supply chain has been more visible than ever. The logistics industry is under a lot of pressure to get supply chain operations back on track and to return the world to “normal.” This is a big job and one that is not really possible without complicated tools and systems in place. That’s where CargoWise comes in.

What is CargoWise?

CargoWise is a simple, all-in-one solution to optimizing the supply chain from origin to destination. CargoWise really puts the “all” in an all-in-one solution. CargoWise assists logistics service providers with forwarding, customs, optimization, enterprise, transport, warehouse, parcel, e-commerce, rates and contracts, compliance, global data, carrier connectivity, and more. These solutions come in the CargoWise One enterprise management system. It could also be called a CargoWise ERP. What is CargoWise One, exactly? CargoWise One is the previous name of Wisetech Global’s CargoWise software.

CargoWise is able to be a universal solution thanks to its hefty API integrations. CargoWise APIs make it possible to share data across and within modules, with government systems, with third-party systems, with customers, with partners, and across geographies. If your business has another type of software that many of your systems are built around, CargoWise APIs make it possible for data to be automatically shared between a third-party system and the CargoWise module. The CargoWise app makes it so that users who need information can access it at any time, no matter where they are or what time it is.

CargoWise and logistics API integrations make it possible to accomplish multiple different tasks and monitor many different parts of the supply chain. What is an API? The APIs work to centralize your data so that you don’t have to use and keep track of many different tools, which all assist in different tasks. CargoWise is a complete solution in and of itself, but thanks to their APIs, you can work to create an all-in-one solution out of your existing systems. CargoWise API documentation helps integration users understand how to utilize the API and integrate it into their current system, however, many CargoWise partners will assist with integrations during the implementation phase of choosing a CargoWise solution.

Transportation Management Software

Transportation Management Software, or TMS, is a logistics software or platform that uses technology to help businesses such as freight forwarders plan, execute, and optimize the transportation of goods from Point A to Point B and beyond. Regular TMS functions include features such as mobility and GPS tracking, route optimization, the ability to track and trace shipments, and more. Many kinds of businesses use transportation management software. Manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce companies, retail businesses, freight forwards, and logistics service providers use TMS to create transparency in the transportation of goods. This kind of visibility can improve efficiency in the supply chain and help businesses to avoid disruptions before they happen.

There are many different providers of transportation management software, however, it’s important to choose a software that provides the right level of functionality and support for your business. It’s usually not possible for a supply chain company or a logistics service provider to simply have transportation management software alone - there’s more to the supply chain than shipping. TMS is often built into larger suites of logistics software, or, providers can use a TMS integration to give more functionality to the systems that they are already using. Not every business can afford to jump ship to new software, especially when their current business practices are built around a specific suite of products. That’s what makes API and integrations so useful. A bridge is built between software systems to create more automation and flexibility so that a business can scale and keep an eye on the big picture without spending even more time and money on migrating to a completely new system.

Using transportation management software helps freight forwarding companies take the guesswork out of route selection. There are a lot of unexpected delays that can occur on the road. A TMS can assist in navigating away from these potential delays. A TMS system can also suggest the most efficient route based on cost, time constraints, and type of equipment.

Different Uses of CargoWise

There are many different uses of CargoWise software. If you’re wondering how to use CargoWise in the logistics industry, there are many modules that assist with nearly every touchpoint in the industry. CargoWise modules assist with supply chain logistics at every level, from office processes to final delivery. CargoWise is also a global solution and even has a module for Customs that can automate, manage, and clear import and export customs declarations, and connect directly with various countries custom’s administrations. CargoWise can also improve compliance and mitigate risks in nearly every aspect of logistics, depending on the module used and the purpose for using it.

For example, CargoWise freight forwarding enables businesses to boost their productivity, minimize regulatory risk, improve freight transparency and visibility, and more. CargoWise can automate tasks and notifications. Documents and shipping information can be submitted in real-time to increase efficiency, accuracy, and freight visibility. Improved visibility allows information to be shared quickly and easily with trade partners, keeping everyone on the same page and enabling quick decision-making. CargoWise systems are built to help businesses remain compliant without additional effort. Keeping all shipment data in the same platform reduces the risks of costly errors due to time-intensive manual transfers of data between multiple systems.

There are also many ways for administrative and office staff to use CargoWise – accounting, for example. With CargoWise enterprise, businesses can streamline and automate their administrative processes including sales and marketing, accounting, human resources, and more. CargoWise workflows can be custom-built to boost productivity, efficiency, and promote collaboration. The software even allows administrators to set schedules relative to milestones in a specific project’s timelines and will alert them if off-schedule, allowing for potential pivots before they cause disruptions. The CargoWise ERP also has a customer service portal, a human resources manager, and a customer relationship manager.

Key Differentiators & Advantages of CargoWise

The key differentiators and advantages of CargoWise lie in its complete solution to logistics. With the CargoWise software, companies are purchasing, learning, implementing, and using one system, rather than many. This saves costs in more ways than one. Not only does this save money on the upfront costs of purchasing and licensing multiple different software, but it also reduces the amount of time spent by staff navigating and transferring data between multiple different systems. However, another one of the CargoWise advantages is the integrations that it offers. Integrations work in a very similar way to using the system outright - it takes the features and functionality of one software and integrates it into another. The integrations marry the two systems in a way that makes it function like it is one system.

CargoWise customers achieve the highest level of supply chain visibility because of its ability to monitor the supply chain process from beginning to completion. If logistics providers find themselves in need of a boost in any of their business processes, from administration to warehousing to fulfillment, CargoWise has an integration that will provide that support. Their clients are some of the largest logistics providers in the world, with 24 of the top 25 freight forwarding companies using a CargoWise solution. DHL Glogal, one of the largest international shipping companies in the world, cites CargoWise for improving its efficiency, integration, and communications across its global operations.

CargoWise support and training are also accessible to people of all technological backgrounds. There are two different types of CargoWise training: Wisetech Academy & CargoWise Certifications. Wisetech Academy can help individuals learn the skills they need to level up their careers. CargoWise also offers certifications in their products for teams and individuals, giving people the information they need to be successful in their roles and drive the most value for their organizations.

CargoWise Integration

CargoWise integrations allow many freight forwarders and logistic service providers to differentiate themselves from competitors. CargoWise is one of the most widely used software systems in the world for supply chain management. However, many companies have solutions that they love and use every day. It’s not feasible for every organization to migrate to an entirely new software system. However, using a CargoWise API integration, companies can marry the two systems, bringing new functionality and ease to tried and true processes. Integrations are great for organizations that can’t migrate to a new system. However, finding a company to program supply chain integration software can be its own challenge. That’s where comes in. connects partners across the supply chain to improve efficiency, cut costs, create increased supply chain visibility, and help clients to increase their revenue. is the result of dozens of years in the logistics industry witnessing the firsthand frustration and friction that disjointed systems can cause. builds integrations between supply chain platforms and makes it possible for freight forwarders and logistics providers to build a custom system that interacts with other systems exactly the way they need it to.'s integrations and solutions enable greater flexibility, visibility, and decreased costs caused by disruptions.

With's supply chain integration platform, data can be transferred automatically from your systems to CargoWise. has pre-mapped integrations to CargoWise and can connect any systems faster than internal teams and generic iPaas platforms.

A CargoWise API integration will automate data, allowing information to pass seamlessly between both systems. This saves administrative time and minimizes compliance risks, as it eliminates the need for manual transfer to multiple systems.

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