How Helps Freight Forwarders Streamline Shipments with a CargoWise Integration

Now more than ever, it’s important to give your network real-time visibility and easy access to the logistics data they need. By integrating your systems with CargoWise, your team can execute complex logistics transactions and manage freight operations from one platform. Learn how helps you optimize your CargoWise integration.

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Shipping turmoil, from the pandemic and geo-political tensions to climate change and port disruptions, has taken a toll on everyone’s supply chain, leaving many logistics companies in search of ways to get more out of their existing techstack. For many logistics companies, this means integrating their TMS, like CargoWise, so they have better visibility and control of their shipments from within a single platform.

Connecting multiple applications to a single source of truth in order to monitor the status of shipments, customs clearance, or carbon impact data, helps freight forwarders efficiently manage business and serve their customers faster, without a huge demand on resources.

So how can a more robust CargoWise integration help you streamline your shipments?

Why CargoWise?

We’ve focused on CargoWise integrations in this blog as CargoWise is a market-leading TMS platform used by over 18,000 logistics companies to complete customs, clearance, warehousing, shipping, and other freight-related activities. If you utilize a different TMS or a home-grown system to manage your freight operations, can still connect your ecosystem using our pre-mapped integrations.

CargoWise and other TMS platforms help logistics teams manage their customers' shipments and shipping related activities from a single platform. It offers real-time data visibility, automated customs clearance processes, geo-compliance tools, and many other features that allow you to increase productivity, reduce costs, and break down data silos.

While CargoWise is robust, there are still many additional data needs that your team will have fulfilled from other supply chain software providers.

For example, for the best visibility data, your team may use a third party provider like Overhaul, project44, Terminal49, or Vizion API. This visibility data is useful, but even more effective when it's available automatically in your CargoWise instance. Similarly, your team may utilize SEDNA to cut down on the manual data entry and emails that it takes to keep customers informed. With an integration between SEDNA and CargoWise, you can have all of your shipment details returned to your inbox with the click of a button.

When integrated with your ecosystem and external services, CargoWise can give your team complete transparency into your supply chain.

Achieving Supply Chain Visibility

Achieving complete transparency into all of your supply chain activities can be a daunting task, especially with systems that aren’t easy to connect and don’t natively communicate. For freight forwarders using CargoWise, complete visibility and a more streamlined shipment process may be easier to achieve than you realize.

For a forwarders’ first CargoWise data integration, we recommend picking one core business process to focus on. With help from the solutions team, we identify the real-world problem your integration should solve and match it with one of our core solutions. By breaking down supply chain problems into our best practice integrations, you’ll benefit from the reusable components built into our cloud platform, like pre-mapped connections to CargoWise.

Taking even one small step to start integrating your supply chain ecosystem will help your business reach end-to-end visibility and strengthen your operations. Successfully connecting your larger ecosystem of tools and applications into CargoWise will not only help you achieve better visibility into your shipments, but you’ll be able to prevent errors from manual entry and collaborate easily with your internal team and external partners. Data Integrations Help

We know that data arrives in countless formats, and sometimes, that can be the most challenging part to manage.

At, we convert and route this data to any file type in any location for freight execution, customer visibility, reporting, and analysis. Our platform enables you to integrate your CargoWise instance with the leading supply chain software providers using our pre-built adaptors, so integration projects take less time than with internal teams or generic iPaas platforms.

There's no need to rebuild your entire ecosystem to replace outdated systems or processes. can be integrated into your organization at any point.

With a CargoWise integration, you’ll be able to set yourself up for success and differentiate yourself from competitors. You’ll make room for growth and eliminate friction, and most importantly, you’ll allow your team to focus on what matters most: your customers.

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Morgan Jones, Custom Solutions Engineering Manager
By Morgan Jones
written on December 8, 2022

Morgan is the Custom Solutions Engineering Manager and supports the sales and client success team in mapping our solutions and integrations.

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