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CargoWise Data Integration is natively integrated to the industry's leading technology platforms, including Cargowise. With our pre-built adaptors, you can assemble integrations from the latest SaaS platforms or your customer's legacy systems directly into your Cargowise instance.

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Bridging decades of tech.

Supply chain management and transportation management systems run the gamut from1980s-era systems to modern cloud platforms. was built to integrate your Cargowise instance to any platform, regardless of the era it was built in, with ease.

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Prepare your company for resilient growth at any pace, and seize opportunities to scale your business, whether you’re processing ten transactions a day or 10 million.

Integrate seamlessly.’s agnostic adapters make connecting any two or more systems quick and painless, whether you or your customers are using the most cutting-edge TMS with modern APIs or older, legacy systems built on EDIs.

Focus on innovation and service. integrates your Cargowise instance with the latest visibility and tracking services, automated agent bookings, modern rate management tools, and online sales portals that power better onboarding and experiences for your customers.

CargoWise Data Integration

The CargoWise app is a tool that helps companies optimize supply chains. Companies integrate their data with CargoWise to improve productivity, decrease risk, and reduce costs.

Supply chains are a very important part of nearly every kind of business. Tools like CargoWise can be used to help businesses improve their supply chain operations. When a business takes steps to improve its supply chain, it can have a major impact on a business’s productivity and outcomes. A business’s bottom line can also benefit from improving supply chain solutions. When businesses have efficient means of keeping supply chains running and organized, it can result in reduced expenses throughout the whole process.

CargoWise helps companies track shipments as they move from location to location. Using CargoWise, companies can manage how products are moving through the supply chain, starting at the place of production and ending with the delivery of the product or service to the end user. CargoWise milestones automatically update as cargo moves throughout the supply chain, which can enable greater visibility and break down communication barriers throughout the process.

CargoWise positions itself as a link between supply chain technology and productivity on a global level. CargoWise collaborates with a network of partners like, through which businesses can conveniently integrate data from third-party providers, like visibility or CO2, into their CargoWise TMS. Data integration with CarogWise can also make it easier for companies to work with their vendors, partners, or customers.

The Cargowise app is a comprehensive system that enables flexible integrations with different government or third party systems. Cargowise’s capabilities make it possible for logistics service providers, shippers, and software companies to move data throughout their supply chains much more quickly and efficiently.

What is CargoWise Used For?

The CargoWise platform is used for improving supply chains and the management of the movement of freight. CargoWise is a complex and versatile tool that can be used to accomplish a variety of different outcomes. Here are a few specific examples of the ways companies can use CargoWise to increase productivity and efficiency throughout their supply chains:


There are many different CargoWise freight forwarding features that can help companies improve their supply chain capabilities. One of the best ways companies can use CargoWise is to improve visibility throughout the supply chain. Supply chain visibility is extremely important for keeping stakeholders informed on the status of shipments so they can be better prepared in case of disruptions or delays. Without visibility into how shipments are moving throughout the chain, there would be no way to make improvements.

Oftentimes, logistics service providers will integrate enhanced supply chain visibility data from a third-party supply chain visibility provider so they have better, more immediate, and more reliable visibility data within their TMS.


Companies can also use CargoWise for supply chain integrations. Using CargoWise, you can accomplish both vertical and horizontal supply chain integration. CargoWise APIs can make it possible for companies to transfer shipping data more easily.

When a company’s supply chain involves many different partners and systems, it can be very difficult to integrate everything effectively. This can result in a great deal of time, effort, and resources going toward finding manual communication solutions.'s integrations allow companies to connect and move data throughout their CargoWise instance more efficiently, facilitating better communication.


Manual methods of ensuring compliance that rely on siloed data and outdated technology may not be enough to get the job done. When it comes to global compliance, there is no “almost good enough” — it’s essential to get compliance exactly right every time. That’s why by relying on manual compliance processes, you could be exposing your company to unnecessary risk. You can use CargoWise customs to access detailed compliance tools and enable compliance automation within your organization’s supply chain. CargoWise’s system is continually updated to include the most recent compliance regulations.

CargoWise offers other capabilities as well, such as CargoWise accounting and CargoWise EDI. For example, you can use CargoWise to improve the accounting process by simplifying invoice payment configuration and enabling agents to complete the invoicing process more quickly.

CargoWise eAdapter

The CargoWise eAdapter reveals data using XML formats. It is a method of sending EDI messages in CargoWise. You may be able to find CargoWise eAdapter documentation in CargoWise’s online learning academy. The CargoWise eAdapter is a great tool to help with supply chain data routing. Data routing enables companies to transfer data between different systems in the supply chain.

Sometimes, companies may need to work with multiple logistics service providers to put supply chain solutions in place. Other APIs may be necessary to connect certain systems. For example, you can use to help route data between Cargowise and multiple other systems. The ability to route outbound data to multiple separate destinations can help streamline the supply chain process by improving data communication. Since CargoWise’s eAdapter only supports a single data endpoint, it can be extremely helpful to use a solution like’s data routing to enable your organization to use the CargoWise eAdapter to send data to multiple recipients. With you can route outbound files from Cargowise to whichever companies or endpoint destinations you need.

Benefits of Using CargoWise

Some of the benefits of using CargoWise as a part of your organization’s supply chain digital transformation include:

Centralized Operations

One of the main benefits of using CargoWise is the ability to manage logistics operations from a centralized database. Supply chains are usually very complex and involve many different pieces. It can be extremely challenging to manage an organization’s supply chain when the supply chain is made up of a confusing web of disorganized systems. Working within a single database can unify all the siloed sources of data and make it much easier for everyone involved in the supply chain to access the data they need.

Better Supply Chain Visibility

Another major benefit of using CargoWise to help streamline your supply chain is that it can help improve data visibility throughout the supply chain. Unobstructed visibility into all the aspects of the supply chain is one of the most important elements of effective supply chain management. Better supply chain visibility can enable you to understand and track your logistics processes better so you can identify issues and areas that need improvement and break down data silos.

Deep Integration Interfaces

CargoWise's integration interfaces are another of its benefits. Supply chains rely on many different groups throughout the process, each of which may be using different systems. CargoWise’s integrations make it possible to integrate with other systems used by government agencies, third parties, customers, partners and more. Using CargoWise’s integration interfaces can help organizations increase efficiency and productivity.

Efficient Compliance

Compliance is another very important part of supply chains. It’s essential to ensure that your supply chain management adheres the applicable guidelines and legal regulations. An additional benefit of CargoWise is that you can use it to automate aspects of supply chain compliance at your organization. CargoWise is frequently updated to ensure the system reflects the most up-to-date compliance regulations for supply chains.

CargoWise Integration

CargoWise is a great tool to help organizations improve data integration and create other benefits for their supply chains. Plus, CargoWise integration is easy when you use's pre-mapped and supply chain specific integrations. is a systems integration platform that organizations can use to connect various supply chain systems like CargoWise. focuses on helping freight forwarders and other logistics service providers access data more efficiently by connecting disparate supply chain systems. Using to integrate Cargowise and gain more effective access to supply chain data can enable businesses to:

  • Grow efficiently: An efficient and productive supply chain can help drive growth for an organization. The more efficient the supply chain, the better the organization can get products from production into the hands of end users.
  • Serve customers better: An efficient supply chain doesn't only benefit the business — it also benefits customers. A well-managed supply chain usually results in customers receiving the products they order according to schedule.
  • Effectively track freight movement: It’s crucial to understand how freight moves throughout your organization’s supply chain. Having clear visibility into the whole process can make it much easier to manage the supply chain and address issues whenever they arise. When you have a thorough understanding of the path freight takes as it moves through your supply chain, it’s often easier to diagnose problems, make improvements, and generally keep the process running smoothly.
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